Soloi Sounds - Harusame

This album is composed of diary-like ambient music created with the theme of seasonal changes in Japan. The song titles are taken from the Japanese language and describes the seasons, and the album title Harusame means spring rain in Japanese. The material is composed by combining field recordings recorded in Tokyo with old Roland synthesizers, analog synthesizers, taishogoto (Japanese stringed musical instrument), toy instruments, etc. on a PC. Harusame is inspired by asynchronous fluctuations such as rain, birds and insects, city noise, that surround us. It escapes from the rule of the grid, which is the basic rule of music, and pursues melodies, rhythms and atmospheres.


1. Harusame
2. Tsuyu
3. Tsuyuake
4. Zansho
5. Kiri
6. Akimushi
7. Shūrin
8. Radio
9. Fuyūmi

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