Toni Dimitrov & Rhucle - Sound Diary

Rhucle and Toni Dimitrov have been curving their way into the new experimental (ambient and noise, respectively) music scene with their solo engagements and with different split releases and collaborations of various kinds. Now we are facing with their joint collaborative effort, an ambient exploration with subtle nuances of a gentler nature. Using field recordings recorded in the Macedonian nature at a certain date, they succeeded in producing a type of sound diary, showing vivid sound pictures of those places, explorations and experiences. Stretched tones and signals, dazzling lights which are shimmering underneath the dense surface of layered symbols. An array of neatly perfected meanings and conditions. Seat back and relax. It's a sound diary of some sort. The air is breezy. The weather is hot. Nature's landscape. Far away trains passing by while the air is filled with hopes and desires. These sorts of things. Maybe not standing outside of the already steady stream of a more or less known aesthetic, this new, another step forward - 'Sound Diary' is just adding another flavor to the soup. An ornament to the web. Enjoy with subtle mannerism.


1. April 16th, 2017
2. July 2nd, 2017
3. March 18th, 2017
4. June 24th, 2017
5. June 26th, 2017
6. June 23th, 2017

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