Dmitri Zherbin - луч.ra

Dmitri's previous works are mainly tape loop oriented melodic drones. We liked very much his material that we heard. Immediately we got in touch and invited him to provide some of his music for a possible release on Post Global Recordings. And he gave us something completely different than his previous sound. For луч.ra he took a different path, but the droney moment is still here. It is a minimalist guitar record where he utilizes the Steve Reich method of playing short phrases and letting them slowly go out of phase. This simple ambient music is based around the idea of using really common sound material as a cliché and that is - sounds from an electric guitar. No other instruments, no field recordings, no samples. Just random chords and partial melodies played on a guitar, looped and sent out of phase. Static sound, but still always changing. The listener won't notice where and when exactly the change happens, yet it's happening all the time. This record is a result of one year of recording sounds and slowly compiling them together into tracks.


1. луч.ra 01
2. луч.ra 02
3. луч.ra 03
4. луч.ra 04
5. луч.ra 05
6. луч.ra 06