Fahmi Mursyid - Past Present

Fahmi Mursyid has craved his own way into the ambient/atmospheric realm of electronic music, slightly with a touch of neo/modern classical touch and experimentation. Through shades of reflective electronic noise, classical instruments, experimental sound design, modern/minimalist composition with a dramatic/cinematic notes, acousmatic and abstract touch. His sound will bring reminiscences of the works of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto and at moments of Fennesz, but still in his own unique way. Mixing electronic sounds with acoustic instruments playing, Mursyid has combined his different skills to create electro-acoustic compositions that in some cases also wear resemblance to the style of what we used to call post-rock. Composition and playing with the sounds or of instruments are merged close together here, resulting in an atmosphere of ethereal and austere.


1. Era
2. Kiwari
3. Past Present
4. Silam
5. Lowercase