Hunter/Gatherer - Bigorski Sessions

A walk in the woods. Across the mountains. Through the debris of the deepest lows, like in a golden cage and also the brightest highs, like e sky-blue freedom. Continuing the saga of Toni Dimitrov's various releases and projects with different approach to the sound, this time he teams with Ingmar Wennerberg (Snufmumriko) under the moniker Hunter/Gatherer to create another gem in the droney side of the sound spectrum. An anthropologist's delight! Crunchy crisps meet with ambiental backgrounds or vice versa. Field recordings of a brighter nature intertwined and meet up with drones of a bitter gloom. Hope and desire. Poetry of sound. Just sit and relax. A glorious journey awaits you. One that shows a tendency towards the compositional forms of music. Four pieces created like a session in the realms of the Bigorski Monastery. As Umberto Eco put it nicely in his classic 'The name of the rose' - when you spend some time in a monastery, you have to adjust to the rhythm of it's nature. Alter the senses to a slightly different frequency.

Production: Toni Dimitrov and Ingmar Wennerberg
Field recordings and arrangements: Toni Dimitrov.


1. Bigorski Session 01
2. Bigorski Session 02
3. Bigorski Session 03
4. Bigorski Session 04

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