Toni Dimitrov / Jared Sagar - Eclosion

This refined album of dreamlike, psychologically charged soundscapes is the fourth installment in a series of ongoing collaborations between sound artists Toni Dimitrov and Jared Sagar, released after the first two published for Sonospace (Subboreal and Maieutic) and the third published for Lagerstätte (Sapience). This fourth collaboration is a subtle departure from the previous releases in terms of sound design. The work show hints and focus in on abstraction and the result is a different kind of separation while still maintaining the main 'ambience or atmosphere' of their other pieces. The track is sometimes otherworldly, dreamscapes if you like, that live in the past yet also live in the present. Equally it show a strange stillness, a tranquility that, to the listener, is almost tangible. It's also about listening to yourself, an introspection of sorts where time, place, sound and self fuse into one. The merging of the two artists’ approaches to sound design results in potent music which is a beautiful blend of raw field recordings, subtle melodies and emotion, this time blossoming into one longer drone piece.


1. Eclosion