Sound_00 + Lefterna - Collab 10

The ongoing process of collaborating between Sound_00 and Lefterna has resulted in many different sounding EPs by the duo, that have been released by diverse labels, such as Ostroga, Fuck The Industry, Etched Traumas, Petroglyph Music, Human Cross Records, Horror Fiction Tapes, CVLMINIS, Metaphysical Digital, Fall Into Void, Attenuation Circuit has released the first Collabs compilation and now the latest, 10-th Collab EP is released by Post Global Recordings. What's characteristic about the nature of the Collabs between these two artists is that they are balancing between the more noisy and introspective, contemplative corners of the sound spectrum, using lots of field recordings and effects, resulting in a kind of empowering sound, crushing the distance between genres and cliches. Stylistically, the sound of the piece from Collab 10 is sitting firmly within the ambient/drone genres of a murkier kind, coherent in the diversity and with a heavy use of field recordings, it's aiming to achieve inner peace outside and within oneself.


1. Collab 10