Motorpig - Gardens Of Delirium

The album Gardens Of Delirium explores themes of space, time, sadness, solitude and despair in omnipresent urge to find a spiritual foundation. It is a raw, emotional reflection of Motorpig’s aesthetic and conceptual ideas of subliminal perception and reality. It features five tracks inspired by cosmology and made to let you drown in memories and emotions. The album was build balancing between cold abstract noise and warm harmony. It provides slowly flowing soundscapes, mixed up with field recordings, made in abandoned suburban places near to industrial and military ruins, melancholic textures designed to take the listener deeper and deeper into realms of sonic space, dark, but not threatening, evoking echoes from the past like weird dreams that we cannot comprehend, sometimes clear, sometimes distorted. The listener can easily let it play in the background or listen via headphones and drift with the ambient sound flows - mystical, psychedelic and full of harmonies.


1. Gardens Of Delirium
2. Crimson Vortex
3. Luminous Abyss
4. Mournful Solitude
5. Oscillators Of Time

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