Snufmumriko - Tellurian

After the unabashed exoticism of Snufmumriko's last release, inspired by a mythic China that never quite was (Ten Thousand Things, Spiritech, 2014), he now returns to places closer to home. Tellurian is based almost exclusively on field recordings made in and around the rural environments, forests, shores and archaeological sites in Orust in west Sweden. Interactions, or intersections, between elements in nature provide the foundation for these pieces: the patter of rain on wood, the susurration of wind through leaves, the gentle murmurings of the ocean amid forests of seaweed and the deep, grating rumble of rolling rocks. All sounds were meticulously recorded using contact microphones, hydrophones and ambience microphones before further processing. The result is a series of soundscapes informed by a naturalist aesthetic but still infused with a sort of romanticism, a rural, tellurian space music.


1. Tellurian
2. Holocene
3. Phyla
4. Now and Forever
5. Dusk

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