Post Global Trio - Post Global Trio

Post Global Trio is the whole improvised work of Toni Dimitrov, Dimitar Dodovski and Martin Georgievski, recorded one October evening from one of the dark desolate studios of the Macedonian Radio and Television building. It was streamed on the frequency of 103 FM at the radio Kanal 103 in Skopje and online internationally. The interpolated meditative ambient and field sounds take you through the imaginary dream-scapes of our planet, as it tells you the story and feelings of nature and the outdoors. Combined into a full hour through the immaculate sound-shaped, drones, field recordings and textures, it resonates somewhere between the abstraction and the narrative flow, leaving you breathless with its sonic impact.

This release is an experience that you can feel on the journey through the distant lands of the macedonian mountains where the field recordings used were taken, giving an image of clear and subtle soundscapes and landscapes. Even though it tends to be concrete to a certain degree, the sound of Post Global Trio still remains a mystery to enjoy and comprehend, within its own distinctive categorizations and impulses.

Leave the city behind the horizon and enter into the woods.

Recorded at Kanal 103 studio, October 2012.


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