Mikael Lind - Fragmented Pianos

For the last ten years, Swedish musician Mikael Lind has been studying the music of J.S. Bach and other composers writing music in baroque contrapuntal style. What fascinates Mikael about some of the pieces from that era are the repeated patterns, and the melodies that keep appearing in different keys and with different instruments, in a constant flow. There is something very aesthetically pleasing about the music from the baroque era.

Fragmented Pianos is certainly not a baroque piece of music, as there are loads of other influences, from modern classical music to post-rock. However, in his own way, Mikael has let himself be influenced by certain aspects of baroque music. Fragmented Pianos is based around three pianos, often playing very simple melodies that together create a more complex whole, being played repeatedly and sometimes contrapuntally. The piano sounds themselves have been digitally edited using techniques only available to composers living in the electronic age. Gradually, different granulation and distortion tracks record the melodies and mimic them, creating yet another depth and variation of the repeated patterns in the piece.

Mixed and mastered by Mikael Lind at Alison House, Edinburgh.


1. fragmented pianos