Atilio Doreste - Radio Chaos and Nature

Radio Chaos and Nature is a result of long walking consisted of field recordings, radio emission and noise. It is a natural trip on Tenerife Island where all this recordings are done. A trip on important mystical spots through this distant island. The aim of these recordings is to get a whole picture on this spots, but also feel their mysterious energy. Birds, bugs, hums, radio noises and other sound interruptions... Delicate amalgamation of natural soundscape and distant noise signals; as a tiny reminder that there is something haunted around us, that we cannot see. At the end of the whole release you’ll have impression like you have been to those places. So lets the trip begin…
Ucanca. It is a moon-like valley that is located right in Teide National Park, near the peak of the volcano and the crowded valley of Orotava. The piece is a direct overlap receptions global shortwave radio and VLF emissions without interference from electrical nearby devices.
Herques. Important archaeological site where stood the old Canarian their mummies in hopes of his eternal life. From the top, some kind of large raptor bird gives confirmation of the recording opportunity.
Crater. Inside the crater of one of the ancient volcanoes of tacoronte some VLF signals are expected. However, the experience is not easy as the climb is hard since almost day is done and you lose the good time listening to such sounds. Sunrise feeling with the wind in the trees and birdsong, noise and ticks climbing through the legs the thorny brambles concave center.
Chamoco. Barranco de Badajoz, whose ancestral name is Chamoco, is a place full of mysteries and legends, but especially a place full of aesthetic and environmental values. The Local soundscape (full of wild canaries birds) acquires an attractive in listening to birds due to their low noise, and be shielded by high walls. There is deep Waters galleries that serves to many part of the island.
Radio chaos and natura belongs to “Limits and derivès” series.


1. chamoco
2. cráter
3. herques
4. ucanca