Luís Antero - Paper Mill

In January 2013 I participated in the XX Environmental Conference that took placein the city of Leiria. Beyond the Blindfolded Concert I also produced a workshop of field recording titled "The Sounds of Water", which took place inside the paper mill on the banks of the river Lis, dated 1411. From the recordings made within the various rooms that make up the mill, it created this sound piece.

"Rehabilitated by architect Siza Vieira, this equipment is a symbol of the history of Leiria’s industry. The year 1411 marks the beginning of the history of Leiria’s Paper Mill, one of the first of the Iberian Peninsula, at a time in which the industry of milling was determinant for economic development. In the quiet banks of the river Lis, the Mill stands out because of the structures of the old waterwheels present in the building and by the water-mills that accentuate the image of this old traditional industry. Indoors, the traditional process of paper production can be accompanied by the visitors, as well as that of cereal grinding, done by a skilled miller. In the end, the flours produced with the energy from the river can be bought."


1. paper mill #1
2. paper mill #2