Sebastian Zangar - Die Stadt Schläft Nicht

Die Stadt Schläft Nicht is the new audio voyage provided by our great friend Sebastian Zangar. Although he is more known for his more dance oriented production under the name Databoy78, for this occasion he provides quite different musical environment. It is a unique material blending organic drone pads and warm ambient sound sources with some slow gloomy atmosphere. It's a fluttering , atmospheric album , slowly evolving and balancing the silence and intensity within its five tracks. This is quite a simple and brilliant album where each track sounds confident , forming a comprehensive whole. This might be his first album of this kind, but Zangar's sound is mature here, a unique evolution different to his previous production.

For this Album he used the iOS Applications Sound Epic and Soundprism to deconstruct the original recordings he made. All The Tracks were recorded, produced and mastered in 2012 in his home studio in Berlin. His big thanks goes out to the whole Audanika Team for their work on SoundPrism and to Blair Erickson from Tatpronica for his Application Sound Epic. Cover photo is made by Toni Dimitroff and it is taken on his trip somewhere in the area of the beautiful mountain Galichica, above the town of Ohrid in Macedonia.


1. Mutter
2. Die Stadt Schläft Nicht
3. Kind
4. Im Wald
5. Ballade Für Elektrozaun Und Soundprism