Sound_00 / Dimitar Dodovski - Nature

Our second release is a new collaboration between Dimitroff/Dodovski duo. Collaboration that is a result of a long friendship and discussions on relation Bitola - Skopje. It is a spiritual voyage guided by gentle ambient melodies, fragile hums and pulsating bass created out of unintelligible talking, distant radio frequencies, background melodies, cracklings of the microphone, footsteps on dry soil, wind, water, sand... Sound that is evolving like the nature itself, changing the mood in all four parts like the nature is shifting in the four seasons. Tracks are made of seeds independently flourishing in unpredictable organic structures with least intervention by the producer which hauntingly resembles the natural growth processes.

This collaboration is a mixture of field recordings created by Dimitroff in the Macedonian untouched nature and the melodic ambiences produced by Dodovski in Bitola. Most of the field recordings were created in the village Neproshteno, Shara Mountain and the hill above Skopje - Vodno, on the regular walks there. The rest is done in the communication process using the virtual space. The cover is photography (taken by Dimitroff) of the lotus flowers in the beautiful Markov Monastery in village Markova Sushica. Mastered by S. Puckovski at Noitu's Lab 2012.


1. Nature 1
2. Nature 2
3. Nature 3
4. Nature 4