Delta M45 - Space Probe

Space Probe is an album in the true meaning of what is known as 'Kosmische Musik'. This is a perfect album for traveling, whether it be in your inner world, a deep forest or in outer space. Space Probe is a reminiscence of long forgotten memories, a mix of beautiful and bitter experiences, superfluous nostalgia, memories of trips to fictional places. Memories of a trip when you go somewhere, but aren't sure where. It is like when you go further, deeper into the woods to be alone. When you need peace. Peace from the world. When you run away from the terrible sadness that the world brings. When the city no longer offers what you need. When you come to the edge and balance between the peak and the fall. The dream of a cosmonaut hopelessly lost in non-gravitational space. A soundtrack of his perspective of where he sees the world slowly dying, slowly falling apart. Space Probe is a testament to the end of the world.

When we heard this release last year, something really important happened. The idea that floated unrealized for some time began slowly to unfurl and make sense. This release was the driving force and the inspiration to start with an idea we have been building for some time - post global recordings. We are very happy that our journey is starting with this astonishing album. This material was created in the summer of 2011 and the whole album was constructed during one live session. Looking forward to their new album, coming soon on our platform.


1. The Noise We Leave On Earth
2. Towards Unknown Space
3. Towards Unknown Place
4. Traveling Without Moving
5. Charming Chaotic Change
6. Distant Cry