fydhws - Lament for All Alive Rock Stars

The sound of Lament follows the atmosphere and direction first introduced on the 9 album. It's exploration of the dark ambient sphere with flickering melodic passages in a tension filled compositions. A cinematic dronelike swirl of sounds through synth strings, piano, scrap metal roars, bell chimes and various electronic effects all encompassed in a claustrophobic dreamy aura with occasional glimpses of light.

"Lament for all alive rock stars" features the track Surf Drone, track released on the SEQUENCE7 compilation by the UK label and magazine for experimental music Futuresequence. Along the slightly different medley of the last three movements form the 9 album (The Sprawl) and the Tangerine Dream alike rendered remix of Stardust by MU Sound Laboratories, an unreleased feedback drone loop makes its debut, called Light.

The name of the album is inspiration and a wordplay from the Thurston Moore's Elegy for all the dead rock stars song.


1. Surf Drone
2. The Sprawl
3. Light
4. MU Sound Laboratories - Stardust (Alpha Centauri Mix)

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