Across The Mountains: A Macedonian Ambient Music Compilation

Across the mountains is experience, a sonic voyage through the Macedonian lands and mountains. But also it is the first release from our new edition focused on the local ambient sound. That means that you’ll find the finest of ambient music in the releases in this series which aims is to present local Macedonian artists who produce ambient and experimental sound to a wider international audience. At this showcase with a symptomatic subtitle А macedonian ambient music compilation, we’ll present seven authors of generally ambient sound, soundsacape, drone or field recordings, the genres that we are particularly interested in.

The compilation is a joint project of post global recordings and Silber records and is a result of extensive communication between these two record labels on many levels, on relation between the United States and Macedonia, as an attempt to deepen and build a specific music scene. The initiative is encouraged, conceived and curated by Tony Dimitrov, whose creation are also the design and photos of the covers of this compilation, and the music is mastered by the owner of Silber Records Brian John Mitchell. The compilation is released as the 155th release of Silber and the first of the post global edition 'local', and it features artists and projects working in this field on the local or international scene, alone or as a part of various projects for a while now. These seven authors of ambient music with their sophisticated and distinctive musical sensibility have now found their place on this compilation so you’ll get an insight of how Macedonian ambient music sounds, but in near future you’ll also hear their full lengths and EPs in the following releases of the edition.

Conceived & curated by Toni Dimitrov
Mastered by Brian John Mitchell
Cover photography & design by Toni Dimitrov

local001 / Silber 155
2014 Post Global Recordings / Silber Records


1. Sherifidan Kurt - Intro
2. Amplidyne Effect - The Introvert Microorganism
3. Fydhws - The Sprawl
4. aiRless pRoject - Lightness Of Being
5. Dimitar Dodovski - Water Goes Somewhere
6. Post Global Trio - 2
7. Sound_00 - Borislavec
8. Sherifidan Kurt - The Last Song It's Like A First Song

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